What You Should Know About Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect

Verizon customers are growing tremendously. This is most likely due to the large variety of services that are now offered with the company. Although the majority of Verizon’s customers only utilize mobile phone services, the company is now offering home bundle packages that include television, home phone and internet connection. Choosing to bundle these home services with your already existing mobile phone package is a great way to save time and money. The Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect is an innovative technology that is now offered but there things you should know about this service.

What Exactly is the Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect?

Verizon’s Wireless Home Phone Connect plan basically replaces your landline phone with a cellular phone base in your home. The Home Phone Connect device is completely compatible with your existing home phone so customers do not have to change phone numbers. It’s actually possible to enjoy the amazing benefits of having Verizon Wireless by saving on home phone service with the wireless connect device.

How Much Money Can You Save?

Your savings can vary according to the state you live in, but Verizon customers have estimated between $70-$300 annually. If you have all your services bundled with Verizon, your savings will definitely end up being on the higher side. Plans per month can vary but start at $10 per month. Verizon customers can receive the device free when they sign up.

Other Benefits?

Yes! The Wireless Home Phone Connect device is incredibly easy to use and is only about the size of a DVD case. Users can still use their regular phone benefits such as call forwarding, 3 way calling, and caller ID. Because you are still able to use your existing telephone and telephone number, there is nothing really to learn. With the service and device, users will even be capable of making phone calls during power outages due to the device’s internal battery. In case of an emergency, the device has a built in GPS for 911 support.

Obviously, the Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect is capable of many things. Saving money is on everyone’s mind these days. Utilizing the services of Verizon can get even easier by bundling all your services together.

How Does Cox Digital Telephone Work?

Cox Digital Telephone service works by breaking your voice down and converting it into a digital signal according to a format known as VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol. Once on the other side, Cox’s data center reconstructs your voice and sends it on to the caller. Old-fashioned analog telephones worked in a similar fashion, although instead of a digital signal, the phone’s microphone broke the voice input down into an electric signal. It would then send this signal across a copper wire. Digital telephone lines, in contrast, typically transmit their data across fiber optic cables.

An In-Depth Look

Because Cox breaks your voice down into a digital signal instead of an electric one, it takes up much less space, or bandwidth. This is why Cox can offer features that aren’t available on analog lines such as selective call acceptance, speed call, call transfer and call trace. Even with these features taking up more bandwidth, digital phone lines remain clear because of the digital nature of the signal.

To create this digital signal, Cox utilizes a device known as an “eMTA.” The eMTA, or embedded multimedia terminal adapter, is a cable modem with special software that converts a voice signal into a bit stream. Upon subscribing to Cox Digital Telephone service, you would replace your existing cable Internet modem with the eMTA. Then you would connect the included coaxial cable to the cable jack. You would then simply connect your phone to the “Tel 1/2” jack in the eMTA.

This setup allows your eMTA modem to communicate with both your digital phone and Cox’s data center at the same time. Additionally, because the eMTA manages your Internet connection as well, you can log in to your Cox account and check voice mail and change call settings, as well as pay your bill. Cox refers to these remote features as “Phone Tools.”


In the event of a power failure, your eMTA will keep your connection alive thanks to its built-in battery backup. This can be critical in times of emergency. In fact, the device saves your home address to its memory when you set it up so that emergency responders can reach you quickly should you need them. It is virtually impossible for your eMTA modem to lose this information as it is stored in sturdy flash memory.

Cox Digital Telephone service is complex, but the bottom line is that by converting your voice into a digital signal, the company offers a high-fidelity, highly-flexible system that you can depend on.

How to Watch Live TV on the Internet

For people who prefer to use the Internet as their entertainment and news source instead of traditional mediums such as television sets and digital boxes, live streaming is the equivalent of live broadcasts by traditional network and cable television providers. Online you can watch professionally broadcast news and events as they unfold, as well as amateur efforts from video cameras, mobile cameras and webcams from around the world.

All you need to watch live TV on the Internet is a browser and an understanding of the types of sites available:

Live Streaming Sites

Obviously, the first place to watch TV live online is on websites dedicated to live streaming, such as Livestream, Ustream and JustinTV. These types of sites provide a variety of live streams. For example, you can watch live cams set up to display a specific geographic area or animals 24 hours/7 days a week. You can also watch live streams of individual amateur casts, such as movie reviews, online classes or craft workshops. There are also sites devoted entirely to cell phone live streaming, such as Qik.

News Sites

If you want to see live streams of news as it happens, many news websites offer a live stream page, such as CNN.com LIVE, ABC News Live Stream, PBS NewsHour, BBC iPlayer and Fox News Live Video. Network affiliates in local areas often also air live coverage of the news online. Sites devoted to broadcasting multiple new stations or multiple TV stations from around the world, such as Livestation, Global internetTV and World Wide Internet TeleVision, are also an option. On these types of sites, a viewer has the opportunity to select TV stations from not only his own country, but other countries as well.

Organizational or Business Sites

Another option to watch Live TV on the Internet is to go directly to the website of an organization or business that provides information about topics you find engaging. For example, space enthusiasts can watch live streaming of events on sites like NASA TV or Space.com, while sports fans can watch live sports coverage on WatchESPN and Sky Sports. Cable television subscribers also have the option of watching simulcasts of their favorite TV shows through online OnDemand services offered by their providers, when available. Some cable networks, such as TBS and TNT, also have plans to offer simulcast services in the near future.

Is Cable TV Still Important Nowadays?

It’s 2013 and many people are watching TV other places than their cable box these days. Almost any device you own with an internet connection can watch a TV show without needing a cable subscription. It’s pretty crazy, and many people get by without a cable subscription at all. Because of all this technology, many people have been asking the question, “is cable TV still important nowadays”? There are a few ways to look at this question, and the answer seems to depend on how you like to watch TV.

Perhaps one of the best parts about cable TV is all the new television shows it brings to air. Without cable TV, finding new television shows would be awful, and it would be hard to find funding to create new ones. This is because cable TV has a huge audience of people that not many other platforms can guarantee. The real kicker is that, with cable TV, you can also be certain that there will be revenue from ads if the show is popular enough.

These days there have been a few experiments with launching TV pilots online and getting people to select their favorite show before they launch them, but in general, most TV pilots still launch on cable first.

Cable TV is also important because of live TV. Live television is something that still can’t be done well on the internet. It’s difficult to watch your favorite sports and other types of shows that show up on cable TV right when they air. Of course, you can still find the recorded versions when they’re done, but you won’t be able to watch it live.

Cable TV is also very simple. Watching TV shows and movies using other methods is pretty complicated. You can’t just “turn the TV on and off” on other devices. On other devices, you typically just watch one show at a time. With cable TV, you simply turn to your favorite channel and can sit back and relax.

Cable TV is still relevant nowadays because it still has the easiest method for viewing your favorite content and is where the newest TV shows are launched. At least for now, cable TV is still relevant. However, it seems as though the internet is making big changes to how people traditionally watch TV.

Features, Advantages and Benefits of Cable Bundle Deals

With the spread of high speed digital cable networks, cable providers have expanded their offerings. Today, most cable providers offer both high speed internet connections and digital home phone services in addition to cable television. Many providers offer their loyal customers the opportunity to bundle all three of these vital services, allowing customers to save money and simplify their lives.

Features of Cable Bundles

Although the exact details will vary between different providers, most cable bundle deals allow customers to purchase a bundled subscription to a company’s television, internet and digital home phone services. You’ll gain access to all of the benefits of each of the services while reducing the number of bills you need to keep track of.

In most bundles, the flagship service is the company’s digital cable service. Modern digital cable features hundreds of HD-quality channels to take advantage of today’s advanced televisions. In addition, these cable packages often include DVR services and on-demand programming. You’ll be able to watch what you want when you want to, and you won’t even have to suffer through commercials.

High speed cable internet is another common component of cable bundles. You’ll get a reliable, always-on internet connection. Your high-speed connection will let you take full advantage of the internet, allowing you to watch online movies, play online games and more.

Digital home phone lines are one of the newest services provided by cable companies. With a digital home phone line, you’ll experience crystal-clear voice communication with the reliability you’ve come to expect from your landline. In addition, you’ll have access to advanced calling features and low long-distance rates.

Advantages of Cable Bundles

By bundling your services together, you’ll receive a discount on all of your services. The savings you receive can be substantial; without bundling, two of your services alone might cost as much as your entire bundle. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of the many attractive features of each of your bundled services.

Digital cable TV offers you many advantages over competing technologies, such as satellite television or broadcast television. You won’t need to buy a separate satellite receiver for each TV in your home; you’ll be able to watch different channels on each of your TVs. Cable television doesn’t need a clear view of the sky. You won’t have to install a dish or fumble around with a digital antenna to watch television. Unlike digital broadcast television, your signal won’t be interrupted every time a car drives past your home.

Unlike DSL, high speed cable internet is widely available; you’ll have access to this service almost anywhere. Your speed and performance won’t depend on your distance to your internet provider. On average, cable internet speeds outperform DSL, especially when uploading files. When bundled with other cable services, cable internet is much cheaper than a standalone DSL service.

Digital home phone lines offer many advantages over traditional telephone lines. You’ll be able to make long-distance phone calls at a fraction of the usual price; even international calls are affordable when using digital phones. Additionally, you can enjoy advanced calling features, such as caller ID and call waiting, without paying extra. Some digital services, such as online access to your voicemail, aren’t even available on traditional phones.

Benefits of Cable Bundles

With a cable bundle, you won’t have to remember to pay three separate bills; you’ll be billed for all of your entertainment and communication services on one statement. You’ll also have more money to spend on the rest of your life. Your digital cable television will give you access to all the popular channels and your local channels, letting you follow local events while watching all the hottest shows. Your always-on, high speed internet connection will allow you to take full advantage of everything that the internet has to offer, from amazing productivity tools to engaging games and entertainment. Additionally, the robust calling features of your digital home phone service will let you keep in touch with your friends and family while saving money.

If you’d like to experience all that cable bundles have to offer, contact your local cable provider today. Helpful and friendly staff are standing by to help connect you with the digital world.

How to Watch Your Favorite TV Series Online

Watch TV OnlineWith the power of the internet at your fingertips it is quite simple for you to watch your favorite TV series online. More often than not consumers that don’t have cable or that have missed an episode of their favorite television series will immediately turn to the internet in order to watch these episodes. The good news is that anyone can watch TV for free online or they can pay a small fee to watch select serials.

The first thing that you will need in order to watch television shows online is a high speed internet connection. This will allow you to watch television shows and movies with no or limited buffering. Once you have the fastest internet available to you, you will need to check out the various resources that are available to you to watch such shows.

You can make use of “pay” services such as Netflix or Hulu in order to watch the best television shows around. You can view television shows on these websites by using your laptop or desktop computer, or can even stream them on your television by making use of a gaming system that is connected to your TV.

All major television networks around the world also place episodes of their top shows on their website one day or a few days after it has aired on their network. You simply have to watch a few commercials throughout the episode in order to watch it via their website.

There are also numerous bootleg websites that you can make use of in order to watch any TV series online free from commercials. However, many of these websites make use of advertising programs that can result in pop-ups or spam. Therefore, you will want to use an Adblock program on these websites or avoid them altogether.

These are the three most popular ways in which people choose to watch their favorite TV series online. You simply need to choose the option that is best for you. Just be sure that you have the highest speed internet available to you to ensure fast streaming of episodes.

How Does a Digital Satellite Receiver Work?

Satellite Receiver

A digital satellite receiver is a single part in the process of receiving satellite TV usually using a paid subscription from a satellite television provider. A digital satellite receiver decodes and decompresses the encrypted signals sent via a satellite orbiting the Earth, which only allows subscribers to the broadcasting service to view the programs; many receivers from other satellite TV providers are able to pick up the signals sent, but are unable to convert them.

Each digital satellite receiver contains a microchip responsible for decoding the television signals; to ensure the subscriber only receives the channels they have paid for the receiver is registered to the user and is programmed to decode only the package paid for by the subscriber. The digital satellite receiver begins its job by receiving the signal picked up by the satellite dish and decodes it using the built in microchip.

Once decoded the signal is then decompressed by the receiver; compression is required because the large amounts of information required to broadcast the vast number of channels available on modern digital TV would require a larger amount of the available broadcast system bandwidth. In the past digital converters were required to convert the broadcast signal to analog for now out of date televisions; as digital TV’s are now commonly available conversion to analog is now not required.

As the amount of bandwidth available to each satellite TV provider is limited a large number of channels are often placed together in the signal in a technique called multiplexing. With the large number of channels pushed together the receiver must then untangle the large amount of channels placed together and convert the signals into individual channels. With the channels decompressed and decoded by the digital satellite receiver they are then broadcast on the television attached to the receiver.

How to Watch Satellite TV on Your Computer

One of the great things about the internet is that there are more ways than ever in which to enjoy your TV viewing experience. With your laptop, you can have the freedom to watch your favorite programs wherever you like, rather than being confined to watching them wherever the chords from your satellite dish will reach. If you are currently a subscriber of satellite TV there are several easy ways in which you can watch your cable programs on your computer.

One easy and simple way to watch satellite programs on your computer is to watch them on your provider’s website. A great feature that many satellite providers’ now have is a feature that allows their customers to watch programs on their website. All you have to do is log onto your profile on your providers website, and you will be able to watch hundreds of free programs online.
LaptopIf the shows you want to watch, or the specific episode you want is not available on your satellite provider’s website, there is another way you can watch satellite programs on your computer. There are wireless routers available that you can plug into your satellite control box. These routers are easily found at any electronics supply store, and are fairly easy to install. Once installed, these devices allow you to stream shows from your satellite onto your laptop or PC. These devices will even allow you to watch shows you have recorded on your DVR box on your computer. To find out more about how these devices work, you can contact your satellite provider, or ask a specialist at your local electronics store.

The great thing about modern technology is there are countless possibilities on how you can view your favorite satellite programs, and this is by no means a comprehensive list of the technologies available that allow you to stream programs on your computer. The great thing about these advancements in television viewing is that you are no longer forced to watch programs at the time they are on, or only in the room where there is satellite hookup. Streaming satellite TV on your computer gives you the freedom to watch your favorite programs as you like.

Important Things To Consider When Hiring Satellite Television Service Providers

It is without question that satellite television is absolutely phenomenal. There are so many great channels that can meet you viewing desires, and a large majority of the channels now come in fantastic high-definition. There are some things to consider before you hire your new satellite television service provider.

The main thing to consider is whether or not you will get a great connection from the satellite service. Some homes may not have the best opportunity to get satellite, so your provider should assure you that your home or business will be able to get a reliable and constant contact with the satellite.

The next thing to consider is whether or not the company will come and install the unit for you. You may be able to do this yourself, but you are guaranteed to get a better connection if the company installs the dish for you. You may also be able to get the service charge waived if you sign-up for an extended amount of service. If a company offers this service to you, you will likely find that the customer service is pretty good with the company.

Another thing to consider is the actual cost of the services that you get. Most companies will offer you an amazing deal for an introductory time, but you really need to figure out exactly how much you will be paying once the deadline is over. In most cases, the cost for the same services will increase drastically. Get everything in writing when dealing with the satellite provider to ensure that you are getting exactly what you signed up for.

You should be able to record all of your favorite shows, so you can watch these shows when it is convenient for you. You may want to look into the availability of picture-in-picture viewing. The ability to pause, rewind and play live television at any time is another great feature that many providers offer. Some of the most technologically advanced companies give you the ability to watch the satellite TV from any television in your home. This is a great way to maximize the amount of TV channels that you get, and you can watch your favorite programs whenever you want.

There are so many great options with satellite TV. You may also want to see about bundling your internet service with your satellite TV to save some money on both services.

Finding the Right Satellite TV Provider

SatalliteFinding a satellite TV provider is sometimes scary. Everywhere you look, there is a new provider, a new special, it all makes it very hard to decide. Shopping for my own provider was a daunting task. However, I’ll gladly admit that DirecTV has made shopping for and using satellite service a completely pain-free experience.

The customer service has always been top-notch. No matter what issue may crop up, they are courteous and more than willing to see the problem through to my satisfaction. Even when there was a serious issue with the bundle we had between DirecTV and CenturyLink, after we moved out of a CenturyLink area, they were patient and never gave up on us. The installation specialists I have had the pleasure of meeting have been nothing short of amazing. Even without all of the televisions present in the house due to moving, they work with what they have without complaint.

The moving process with DirecTV is a dream. One phone call, and our service moved smoothly across state lines, and the customer service representative also went above and beyond to give us as many upgrades and discounts as possible. Upgrading our box to the new Genie was a snap, and our bill actually went lower by the time we were done!

Unfortunately, sometimes machinery breaks. It happens to the best of us. Our poor DVR box began to freeze at about the two-year mark in our contract. Once again, a single phone call got me the answer I needed, that the hard drive in our box was malfunctioning. My representative recommended, since we would be moving within a week, that we should just wait until we found our new home and then exchange the boxes, instead of attempting to exchange the boxes en route. This also allowed us to upgrade to the Genie at the new house.

Above and beyond the excellent customer service, the signal has rarely failed my family. Only in extreme weather conditions has the signal fizzled out, and even at that, it is only a temporary inconvenience that would happen to any satellite user. As a very satisfied DirecTV customer, I would recommend them in a heartbeat.